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Lets plant more plants together and support the environment to make the air of "one of the most polluted country" in the world, more breathable!

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PMP Mission

Rise in Pollution Level is affecting the people and environment across the world, but the situation is worse in India.

During COVID Time, environment was the cleanest across century due to the lockdown, as earlier AQI used to touche 500+. But for last few months, sky is much clearer than ever before, water is no more dirty, but soon the old heavy pollution gonna come back as world is opened again. This is the only time that we have the opportunity to keep the sky, trees and surroundings under the control.

The healthy future isn’t possible if the action isn’t taken today and we at PMP, are driven not just by hope but actually working and taking actions.

With a mission of “Plant More Plants” 🌱 we are dedicated and focused towards the better tomorrow by growing as much plants as possible today, and we need your support for the same!

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